Return and Refund Policy

Online drug market is one of the leading businesses of the modern world that ensures easy drug procurement that saves time. Steroid market is one of the best online selling platforms where a number of steroids for sale Thailand in various forms are available in multiple dosages. is facilitating the customers by delivering the drug on the door step with delivery made within 24 hours. Online portals are also beneficial as they do not demand a prescription but it is important to know that this aspect should not be used for potential drug abuse.

Just like all other businesses also have a set of rules for their return and refund policy to help maintain a healthy relationship between the sellers and the buyers and one must know them before ordering steroids online.

Return and Refund Policy of

Drugs are sold primarily for the betterment and the demand of the consumer if the client is not satisfied with Thai Gears store due to any reason with the purchase, he or she can claim return or refund of the product. As online purchase does not involve direct client and seller one to one contact so it becomes risky to return the drug moreover, it is also a very cumbersome procedure. Third part involvement in the form of delivery boys also makes it risky so it is not wise to return the drug so, the amount is adjusted on the next drug purchased from the site.

SOP to Claim a Refund:

If a client wants a refund for the Thai Gears, he or she has to inform the website via an email and it should contain the reason for a refund along with an application to refund the amount. There can be a number of reasons behind an urge to claim for a return and refund such as:

  • Damaged or already open delivery package.
  • Inappropriate drug
  • Incorrect dosage or number of tablets or injections ordered.
  • If an alternate brand sent without the customer’s consent.
  • Drug that has a short expiry time left that is less than 3 months.
  • If patient experienced an allergic reaction on the consumption of initial doses.

Refunding procedure is very consumer friendly if the product meets the above-mentioned criteria and the timeline to claim a return or refund is 10 days. Steps involved to claim a refund are as follows:

  • Send an email
  • Mention order number, consignment number and date of order placement and delivery.
  • Mention the defect or fault.
  • Claim the amount to be refund.

Order Cancellation SOP:

Due to any reason if the client wants to cancel the order, he or she should immediately contact the customer support center to inform for the cancellation. Order cancellation is done if the order has not been sent out for delivery by the seller. In case it has been shipped than the customer can consider the return and refund policy. Customer facilitation desk is operational around the clock and one can contact it in case of any query.


Online dealing is a very challenging business and dealing in steroids is an added responsibility as it has a wide range of applications. Individuals buy Thai Gears for multiple purposes such as curing different allergic and skin diseases, anemia, testosterone replacement therapy, cutting cycles, bulking cycles and sexual performance boosters etc. it is always advisable to purchase steroids only after proper consultation however, the drug can be procured from the online websites that ensure authentic ad FDA approved drugs. 

Returning drugs can be risky but aims at facilitating their customers to all extents possible so they have a very lenient return and refund policy. It is always wise to go thoroughly through the return and refund policy of the website to avoid any future complications. In case of any discomfort is always there to facilitate their valued customers.

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