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Tri Testosterone Pro 400mg/ml


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Product Overview

Tri Testosterone Pro 400mg/ml combines the strength of Enanthate, Cypionate, and Decanoate. Nowadays, many people buy Tri Testosterone 400 mg/ml  to increase their testosterone. 

As many of us know, testosterone increases muscle mass effectively and is found in every human body, but its concentration varies by gender. Age affects men’s testosterone levels.

How it works?

Testosterone Enanthate is the most basic anabolic hormone. Bodybuilders consider it the base steroid for most cycles, despite being Anabolic and androgenic. Testosterone Enanthate enhances muscle size, strength, libido, and sex desire.

Testosterone Cypionate burns fat, thus bodybuilders and sportsmen love it. It reduces muscle-wasting catabolic hormones. It boosts red blood cell count, giving muscles more power. Testosterone Cypionate’s full effects require additional workout.

Testosterone Decanoate enhances strength, muscular mass, libido, red blood cell count, IGF-1, and workout recovery. Aromatization is likely with all testosterone medications.

Proper Use and Dosage

In terms of frequency of usage for the Tri Test 400 steroid, 2-3 times a week is highly recommended. A dosage of 200-400 mg for beginners, 500-800 mg for pros is already sufficient. 

Testosterone 400 Benefits

Tri Test 400 contains a comprehensive range of testosterone esters for building muscle.

Due to its diverse qualities, this steroid is a prize among seasoned bodybuilders. Tri Test 400 opens the door to a lot of muscle mass and flawless definition, thus eliminating undesired excess body fat when increasing muscle mass is also possible, but a diet is a critical part.

Side Effects

Tri Testosterone Pro 400mg/ml users should also realize the side effects of using this product. 

As with other anabolic steroids for sale, testosterone requires caution and adherence to recommended doses. Tri Test 400 aromatizes, but not always.

As the strongest male hormone, testosterone boosts libido. People who buy steroids Thailand and  take testosterone stand a significant risk of aromatization to estrogen, which can cause water retention.

Where to buy Tri Testosterone 400mg Online?

Much like buying any type of supplement from a steroids shop online, Tri Testosterone Pro 400mg/ is readily available in stores like Thai Gears when you buy steroids online.


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