Privacy Policy

Privacy policy refers to the concept that how the respective website such as steroids for sale Thailand collects the information related to the client, to which extent one can access the information and what measures are taken to protect that identifiable piece of information. It also explains the ways you can update your already given information and the extent of choices available for the online website to use that personal information. Every company has its own privacy policy and they can not be held accountable for any other company that they do not own or any individual that is not on their employee list.

Extent of access of personal data and media files:

The steroids online website can collect the visitor’s IP address, data mentioned in the comments and user’s browser agent string all this can help them detect any spasms. Profile picture if any is also visible publicly once the comment get approve. Once should refrain from posting any images as they are public and can be downloaded and location data can be retrieved. If necessary, upload images with turned off data location.

When the website is visited that leads to automatic collection of the device IP’s address, browser version and type, type and version of the operating system, or webpages visited prior to this website and all information related to the language preference. Information searched on their websites, time spent on pages and time, dates and all other statistical data is collected automatically.

Right to manage, update and delete personal information:

Consumer has the access to the personal information provided on buy steroids Thailand website. Client can make addition, upgradation or deletion of any desired information. However, company also has the right to keep a copy of the initially provided information for a certain period of time. The extent to which the information can be amended may change as per the company policies. In case of any legal process, or during resolving dispute company has the right to retain he information till the resolution or as per retention period approved by the law. After the retention period the right to access, erase, rectify and portability of data stands null and void.

Where does the collected data go?

All the data related to the visitor comments is collected and run through an automated spam detection service.

Rights of the visitors or the clients of the website:

If an individual has an account or if he or she has left some comments request can be submitted to get an exported file related to the information that the site holds plus the one provided by the individual himself. Request can be submitted to delete any personal information that the site may hold irrespective of the one that is necessary for the administrative, security and legal purpose.

Processing and utility of collected information:

Following are some of the fates of the collected and stored information of Thai Gears store online website:

  1. To improve the website, make it more user friendly and ensure that proper upgradation is done as per the demand of the customers.
  2. The comments also help in personalizing your experience.
  3. To improve the customer’s service quality.
  4. To ensure timely response to the emails and queries.
  5. To keep sending notifications, newsletters and reminders.
  6. Password reminders in case of any forgetfulness.

Automated system of information collection of Thai Gears store is only for establishing a statistical information regarding the website utility. The stored info is solely for the purpose of highlighting any potential abuser client. It has nothing to do with the identification of any specific user of the system.

One should only opt for authentic websites to acquire the drug to ensure that personal information is also in safe hands and one gets authentic and legal drug.

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